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Manos: The Hands of Fate

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Manos: The Hands of Fate

Published 1966

From IMDB A family driving through a small town gets lost and winds up at a backwoods shack managed by Torgo, who takes care of it while The Master is away. The Master worships Manos, an evil deity, and he also wears a neat cape. When Torgo lets the family stay, The Master awakens and does mean stuff like burning off Torgo's hand and sicking his dog on the family pet. Meanwhile, The Master's wives wrestle for his favor. Written by Jeremy Yuenger

This is a VHS Rip, included are Spanish Soft Subtitles in the SRT. The MPEGII is Derived from the AVI to make it easier to create a DVD if you wish. This MPEGII has embedded NAV packets so you can load it into DVDAuthourGUI and create a DVD.

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Moongleam - - June 24, 2012
Subject: Public domain because ...
One of the reviewers implied that this "fell out of copyright" because it is so bad.

Not so. This movie was in the public domain on the day it was released because it lacked a copyright notice. If it had a valid copyright notice, it would still be under copyright today; the copyright holder wouldn't even have had to renew the copyright, since this movie was released after 1963.

Being bad doesn't make a film p.d. Being forgotten doesn't make a film p.d. Being unpopular doesn't make a film p.d. Being cheap doesn't make a film p.d. And the fact that your mommy hates it doesn't make a film p.d.
Reviewer: torgman - - June 24, 2012
Subject: My hat off to Hal Warren!
Never since Billie Sol Estes has a Texas fertilizer salesman have the audacity to sell an epic pile of shit to the unwashed masses.
Reviewer: earplay - - September 23, 2011
Subject: Don't despair!
If you've watched Manos, you are probably in a deep funk... and will be for some time. Perhaps the rest of your life if you don't take remedial action.

I think the only way to clear your palate of this movie is to watch it again as Joel and the Bots of MST3K take it apart.

There is a web site with an interesting interview of one or more of the people who were involved in the making of Manos:

Some movies are just plain bad, some are so bad that they're good, but Manos transcends all that! Ed Wood is Hitchcock or Bunuel or D.W. Griffith in comparison.

Rating: -5 Stars
Reviewer: USABG58 - favorite - September 22, 2011
Subject: OMG!!!!!
Yaz flute AND wrestling women in diapers!! Does it get any better? Er, I mean, worse?!!! I want my one hour of life back after watching this complete peice of crap movie. Not cool. Not even as a very bad movie is this movie any good. Burn the master reels and all copies....
Reviewer: pauls son - favorite - September 21, 2011
Subject: OMG!!
This make an Ed Wood film look like MGM gloss! I honestly think its the WORST movie I've EVER seen, and that's saying a lot! LOL
Reviewer: rclo - favorite - May 23, 2011
Subject: Mike, I want to go - PLEASE!
Wow, I can see why this fell out of copyright. Bad "acting," bad script, terrible editing. But it does have a five-girl catfight in negligees, although they all appear to be wearing Depends, and it does have death by hot babes in negligees, although it looks more like they're applying a facial massage.

Six wives, but only three have speaking roles; the others only shake their heads and cat fight.

Mike must be the dumbest husband of all time, and he has a loaded gun. "Mike, I want to go." "Okay, we'll leave. We'll hide in the desert; someone will help us."
Reviewer: topcat57 - favorite - April 24, 2011
Subject: Something this bad couldn't be an accident
Somebody must have been trying to make a really bad movie, but they screwed that up and made the worst pos movie ever.
Reviewer: picfixer - favoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, 2011
Subject: This is your brain on drugs
Was this flick the result of monumental incompetence or bad drugs? I can't believe it wasn't both. Anything you might imagine could be wrong with a movie is wrong with this one, plus much, much more. Beyond bad it is excruciatingly bad, and just when you think it couldn't possibly get any worse, it falls off another cliff. Anyone who claims Ed Wood is the world's worst director should be condemned to watch this cinematic catastrophe a dozen times. Nevertheless it grudgingly gets three stars because it does provide some entertainment in the form of sick fascination, and the spastic caretaker, Torgo, is hilarious - unintentionally of course.

Kids, stay clean and sober, or this could happen to you!
Reviewer: douglip - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 7, 2011
Subject: Original music
Wow, it's original music!!! :)
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